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Zares is a 3D measurement machine that offers the best technology for accurately measuring cnc tools in the stone and glass industry. With a full 3D scan (taking less than 10 seconds!), Zares provides detailed information on tool profile geometrical tolerance, eccentricity, ovalization and rotational wobbling. The feature OptimizeRemoval® automatically optimizes your tool set, transmitting the optimized cnc tool info directly to your CNC machines. Zares generates real-time reports and reminders to help maintain your tools, extending their lifespan and improving machining results and production efficiency. With Zares, you don't need an expert in your company because its software contains all the state-of-the-art knowledge needed for the stone industry. Zares now offers extreme accuracy in rotation with its new tools half gas screw mount named ZarGas®.
The ZaresToolsReport® feature allows you to easily manage all your tools.
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